AHRS V2 + FC1212-P Combo Pack - available now as upgrade AHRS V2 + FC1212-P Combo Pack - available now as upgrade
FC1212-P Input Feature:
Input1-Input5 is normal receiver input, can doing basic flight and flight module switching.
Input6-Input8 is assist function of turn on channel,can turn on or turn off Compass and Autopilot function, for Example Carefree , Go home and so on.
Input9 is the channel of control camera mount pitching for doing control camera pitching.
Input10 is the channel of control camera mount shuttle, it can control the shuttle of camera to do the focus and shoot movement.
Input10 can support Futaba S.Bus agreement, save more connection link, can be more Succint.
Input12 support Power Monitor electric system, can get data of battery Voltage and can warming when some part works strange.
FC1212-P Output Feature
Support 2-8 axis copter craft.
Output1-Output8 can configure to output for the servo or ESC like the Tricopter need three Motors and one servo of the stern, you can configure Output1-Output3 for ESC Output,Output4 for servo output .
Output9 for camera mount pitching servo output, use for control camera pitching and self-poise.
Output10 for camera mount roll servo output, use for control camera rolling and self-poise.
Output11 for camera shuttle servo output, use for camera focus and shoot movement.
Output12 for Pilot lamp Output, Pilot lamp will flashing light based on the signal attitude and buzzer siren
FC1212-P Port Feature
Link Port, use for connect to PC software to upgrade firmware, when PC connect to software, The Green light of FC1212 will star flashing.
Port A- PortE , those five ports use for connect subordinate module of FC1212, for Example AHRS, Autopilot ,OSD and so on.Those five ports like The USB port in PC, you can connect AHRS to any ports in those five ports. when module connection the light will lighten.

Campatible and support module of FC1212-P
AHRS: Campatible AHRS-S V2 and AHRS-P