Aircraft X650 parts E1001 flight controller (with Firmware upgraded for x450 pro)
FC1212-S XAircraft Standard Flight Controller
The FC1212-S Flight Controller processes input RC signals and achieves series of fly movements by flight control algorithm and controls camera mount or shutter and so on. FC is mainly to control XAircraft flight attitude and heading, which is completed through specs below necessarily.

1. Receive RC signal, that is XAircraft control signal on throttle, pitch roll and yaw. It actually reflects the attitude users want to be showed on XAircraft which FC can do that, called expected attitude.
2. Calculate quadcopter real attitude from AHRS that is compliant to expected attitude.
3. If not, you have to calculate the four motors next rotation rate by flight control algorithm to alter blades rotation rate. It will change attitude to expect.

FC repeats the steps above to keep XAircraft fly stable and enable to do some fly stunts like funnel, fly in a figure 8 or loop/rolls.

XAircraft provides aeromodell enthusiasts a platform for aerial photography and aerial videography. It is also very important to control camera mount (Pan/Tilt) besides fly XAircraft stably and do fly stunts, XAircraft FC1212-S Flight Controller can do the camera mount stability augment control and shutter motion.

Additionally, FC1212-S has 5 electronic device link ports (PortA to PortE) which can be connected to standard configuration AHRS-S as well as expandable accessories like GPS, LED Module and so on. It makes XAircraft have a good upgrade ability and expansion area. RC model is a personalized sport, and users can adjust and set parameters by XAircraft Configuration Software to make XAircraft have higher flexibility and personalized setting.